Care is the most fundamental orientation to self, team and organizational leadership.

It is essential to living a good life.

Care is not an esoteric, feel-good construct. It is a place of choice; it allows us to choose what gets our attention by aligning our commitments and resources to the taking care of what we care about.

When we are engaged in action for what we care about we feel most alive, joyful, energized, and we find relevance in what we are doing. Care generates commitment and grounds action.

“What do you care about?” is a practice to engage in with a regular rhythm – commitment-by-commitment, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month and year-by-year. There is no single answer, nor any right or wrong answers to this question. It is an exploration of what brings us meaning, vitality and aliveness…or not.


Personal well-being and professional effectiveness hinge on how skillfully and consciously we use language. All of the outcomes we produce in life are a direct result of the conversations we have, the conversations we don’t have and the conversations we don’t have effectively. Build your skill and practice to lead healthy, meaningful conversations.

Moods & Emotions

As predispositions to taking action, moods and emotions are a powerful territory of learning. They allow us to see certain possibilities as open and other possibilities as closed which directly impacts the way we lead and live. Expanding your emotional intelligence, agility and comfort zones creates dynamic leadership and builds capacity to take more powerful action for what you care about.


We are more than our intellect, our rational thought and our mind. By including and respecting the inherent intelligence of the body, we build leadership presence, connection with others, and capacity to embody new practices to extend into life and leadership. The comportment of our body tells a story of who we’ve been and it can take the shape of who we want to become.

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