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The Value in Comparison
I was drawn down and feeling heavy after seeing a social media post by someone I’ve known for a while. It was an extended, very nicely choreographed and rehearsed video message touting their booming business and advertising yet another incredible offering to the world. The post received hundreds of ‘likes’...Read more
What If Doubt Was Welcomed?
I’ve been wondering what it would be like to do more writing; to get better at it; to develop a body of written work made up of thoughts and ideas that I could share ‘out there’. This wondering is very much connected to finding my own voice, claiming it, and...Read more
What is Your Good Life?
It’s a deeply personal question and the answers are as unique as the person contemplating it. And yet, for many of us, the question is not one that we’ve engaged with very much. I was with a group of friends recently and our discussion turned to what we would do...Read more
I Was Scared of My Client
I was scared of my client. And I hadn’t even met her yet…at least, not in person. I’d met her through the data, scores and comments I read on her 360 feedback assessment report. I’d met her through the stories that other people were eager to tell me. The picture...Read more
What’s Care Got to do with it?
I sat down this morning to write a blog post. My heart wasn’t really in it and it felt like it was something I had to do. And I definitely had that weighty and disengaged feeling that accompanies most “should-y” things. I procrastinated and distracted myself successfully for a while…until...Read more