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What If Doubt Was Welcomed?
I’ve been wondering what it would be like to do more writing; to get better at it; to develop a body of written work made up of thoughts and ideas that I could share ‘out there’. This wondering is very much connected to finding my own voice, claiming it, and...Read more
Coaching?…What does that mean?
After 15+ years working as a full-time professional leadership and executive coach, “Coaching?…What does that mean?” is still the most common question I get asked when someone finds out what I do for a living. Read on to learn how I address this particular FAQ and some of the others...Read more
On Feeling Dumb (and Useless) – 5 Reflections
My backwards relationship to ‘not-knowing’ was one of the most potent lessons I learned several years ago from one of my greatest teachers. I was in the game (i.e.…the trap) of believing I had to know the answers to questions, I had to know how to solve problems, I had...Read more
Life Lessons at Lunch
Recently, I was out with a group of people for a very nondescript, standard meeting over lunch. Or, so I thought. Much to my surprise, it ended up being an occasion that I expect I’ll remember for a long time. As our group settled into the space at the table,...Read more
3 Surprising Signs That Self Care is On Hiatus
Many of us live an interpretation that self-care is all about spending endless days at a spa getting ourselves pampered, buffed, polished and steamed. And while that certainly could be part of a self-care regime, it’s not the only thing that contributes to our overall wellbeing. Relying on your next...Read more