Strengths Coaching

Everyone has unique strengths. When we use them, we are happier, we authentically express who we are, we take ownership of our work and enjoy a faster learning curve.


Extensive survey data from decades of research reveals that employee engagement is the biggest influence on a number of business outcomes, including profits, productivity, customer satisfaction, safety and employee retention. Wow! The data further reveals that one survey question stood out among others as the most important determinant of engagement. This is the pivotal question: “At work, do you have the opportunity to use your strengths every day?”

StandOut is a situational judgment test developed by Marcus Buckingham and it’s designed to identify your top 2 strength roles as a starting point to help you understand the strengths you bring to any situation. We can be unaware of the important contributions we make and this assessment highlights what you do (and do differently) and the unique ways that we bring value.

Strengths are the path of least resistance to great performance and meaningful work. The StandOut assessment can be used by individuals who are looking to gain insight and develop greater self-awareness and it is also a powerful tool to use with teams to leverage each person’s strengths, improve communication and collaboration and appreciate the diversity of the team’s makeup.

You care about:

  • Generating and sustaining an affirmative, healthy and strength-based view of yourself and/or your team
  • Developing greater self-awareness in yourself and/or your team
  • Highlighting the natural, inherent gifts that you and/or members of your team bring to the world
  • Applying the unique and collective assets of your team directly and pragmatically to their work
  • Illuminating blind spots that might hold you and/or your team back from higher levels of satisfaction and performance

Our clients have:

  • Learned surprising, helpful and relevant insights about what brings energy and meaning to their lives
  • Articulated their unique strengths with greater accuracy in order to connect purpose with work
  • Sustained practices that enhance their natural strengths and deepen the connection to their work
  • Targeted the activities at work that align with high performance, true satisfaction and overall engagement
  • Acknowledged, appreciated and validated the contributions of others on their teams for the talents they offer


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