Purposeful Leadership™ 360º Assessment

Our individual purpose inspires why we lead and how we engage others.

Linkage research of more than 100,000 leaders worldwide showed that purposeful leaders are devoted to a lifelong journey centered on five commitments and supporting practices. The Purposeful Leadership™ Assessment report provides and opportunity to reflect on how you show up as a leader and are perceived by others in five fundamental commitments.

Purposeful leaders:

  • Inspire hope for the future by directing energy toward a bold vision
  • Identify and offer opportunities to engage fully at work
  • Drive new thinking and freedom to innovate and reimagine new realities for competitive differentiation
  • Create structures and clarity to achieve successful outcomes and deliver excellence
  • Continuously grow and evolve to become leaders who fully live compassion, self-awareness and courage

You care about:

  • Creating meaningful impact in your organization and the world
  • Developing yourself as a leader so that you can better serve others
  • Broadening the view you have of yourself as a leader to include the perceptions and assessments of your stakeholders
  • Capitalizing on the powerful knowledge that you receive in order to grow and hone your skills and leadership presence
  • Learning more about your leadership strengths and opportunities for ongoing development
  • Gaining insight into the practices and skills that underscore purposeful leadership and its commitments

For more information:

Read the White Paper for the story behind Purposeful Leadership.

Please contact us for more information about how the instrument can help you leverage your leadership impact. Special rates apply for teams or groups of 10 or more people. Self-assessments are also available.

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