Team Conversations Survey

Teamwork is generated by the conversations of the team.


There are conversations that are fundamental, that predict the success of team outcomes, that have a direct impact on the quality of teamwork and that lead to the commitments that underpin high performance. Is your team having them?

In partnership with Richard Hews and Pathways of Growth, we offer a Team Conversation Survey that allows you and your team to assess the effectiveness of your conversations by identify those that are strong as well as those that are missing or incomplete. The survey pinpoints where there are opportunities to be healthier and more successful collectively. The goal is to support you and your team to become better observers of your performance and guide you to hold the conversations and develop the skills that produce meaningful and valuable shared futures.


You care about:

  • Generating a healthy team environment where people flourish, feel energized and take care of themselves and each other
  • Designing and leading conversations that enable creative and beneficial moods in your team
  • Guiding your team thoughtfully through change
  • Recognizing different levels of commitment and deliberately addressing issues of overwhelm and over-capacity among team members
  • Identifying breakdowns in trust and enabling the team to rebuild and sustain it
  • Identifying any barriers to your team having meaningful, necessary conversations
  • Developing your ability to listen, connect, and produce a leadership presence


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