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Inspired Cards

There are so many ways to use Inspired Cards! Here are just a few ideas to get you going….before you know it, you’ll come up with your own creative and unique ways to spread the joy!

  • Hand one to a store clerk
  • Leave one with a gratuity
  • Include with remitting payments by mail
  • Send one with gifts, flowers and greeting cards
  • Tuck one into lunch bags, backpacks or luggage
  • Leave one on windshields, desks or with your returned library book
  • Hand one to a stranger

Inspired Cards encourage opportunities to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate others. They are business-card size and fit nicely in your wallet or purse so you’ll always have them by your side. These colourful little reminders brighten days, open hearts and connect us in unique and simple ways. A simple act of kindness is the single greatest way to improve our mood.


To purchase a deck of Inspired Cards, please contact us through the contact form on this page.


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