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Introductory Meeting

If you’d like to schedule time to get acquainted, ask questions and learn more about our work, please follow the instructions to request a meeting with me. Thanks! I look forward to connecting soon.

Hi, I’m Laura McCafferty, Principal of Inspired Coaching & Development and I appreciate you dropping by.

As a first step to getting acquainted, here’s a brief introduction…

My career now spans more than 18 years of working with professional development, organizational change and culture, communications and leadership development and so when I meet new people, I’m often asked how I got started in the coaching profession. There’s no doubt that it was through working with my own coach that I got clear on my purpose and the work I wanted to do in the world.

I’d been leading merger and integration projects in the financial services industry when I started working with an executive coach. The experience changed me. I started to see that my personal values and cares were moving in a different direction from the values and cares I was observing in the company – and it became obvious that it was time to make a professional change. From exploring options, through the decision-making process to the career transition, the coaching relationship supported, challenged and compelled me to take action.

I took the leap to pursue training and learn the skills, embody the knowledge and be qualified in the ontological coaching methodology developed by the Newfield Network in Colorado. That was 10 years ago and I’ve never looked back.

My Commitments and Cares

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), workshop designer and facilitator, I am committed to representing a new kind of leader that links action, value, meaning, and healthy spaces for human interaction. I care deeply about contributing to and cultivating significant growth in others around self, leadership, teams and community to address the current challenges that our world is calling for. I serve on the coaching faculty with the Global Institute for Leadership Development and have the privilege of working with international leaders and executives in a variety of industries. Whether partnering with a C-Suite leader, senior director, manager or a Ted Fellow, a social entrepreneur or young professional – it’s the exploration of their challenges and concerns, supporting them to take action for what they care about and maximize their greatest contribution that is the proverbial sweet spot of my work.

Learning is one of my core values and it’s a commitment that informs much of how I spend my time. To continue honing my skills in executive coaching, I’ve been a student of the Institute for Generative Leadership’s Coaching Excellence in Organizations programs since 2012. I have certifications in Marcus Buckingham’s Stand Out strengths assessment, Linkage’s Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment, Conversational Intelligence, Coaching Happiness and Harvard’s Immunity to Change.

Community involvement matters and it’s a pleasure to collaborate with passionate individuals whose commitment to giving back inspires me. As President of the Leadership Society of Vancouver Island, our team came together to fulfill big promises. In order to create a space dedicated to building community for local coaches, I founded the Mid-Island Coaches Network and served as a Director for the Vancouver Island Coaches Association. Over the last few years, I have been delighted to be recognized alongside other vibrant young professionals as a finalist in our Community & Business Achievement Awards.

I care about connection, community, learning and supporting leaders to lead themselves, their teams and their organizations in healthy, viable and affirming ways. If this connects with what you care about, I invite you to reach out for a conversation about how our services can support your leadership development aspirations.

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