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Renee Freedman

Renee provides thinking partner support to visionary leaders who are committed to generating sustainable large-scale change. She partners with individual and organizational game changers to design strategy, build foundations of trust, transform culture, and develop networks of talent and support. Renee excels at originating customized processes to transform polarized teams into collaborative entities that co-create innovation and solve huge challenges together. She is also known for founding coaching networks to support individuals selected as Fellows by elite organizations such as TED and the Sundance Institute.

Richard Hews

Pathways of Growth believes that we are all looking to find meaning in the work that we do. Richard’s passion is helping leaders realize their organization’s vision in ways that both inspire and grow employees. They understand that trust and teamwork are irrevocably intertwined with performance, but struggle with how to deliver that. He takes time to understand the challenges, then introduces the tools and practices needed to achieve a healthy organizational self-sufficiency. Richard regularly donates his time and talents to local non-profits.

Amy Vodarek

Amy is a credentialed executive leadership coach, strategic consultant, facilitator and educator. As a highly skilled transformational coach, Amy cares about strengthening individual and team leadership capabilities to achieve key results and accelerate growth. As a facilitator, speaker and educator, Amy creates and delivers engaging, experiential learning sessions and programs to accelerate leadership development and engage her audiences. She works with clients as a collaborative partner, empowering leaders and professionals to build healthy learning cultures positioned to create a positive ripple of impact.

Newell Eaton

Newell partners with other leaders to create change in today’s turbulent complex environments. He believes that developing effective leaders is the key to a healthier world. These leaders create the conversations that determine our future. His passion is helping them develop organizational cultures people love to work in and that are good neighbours locally and globally. Newell is known for his capacity to create the safe psychological space for difficult conversations and breakthrough outcomes and for his creative facilitation of energizing experiential workshops and retreats.

Juliana Vergara

Juliana cares about intentional leadership for companies, teams, leaders as well as women & caregivers. As an executive coach, her focus is on significantly improving performance & efficiency while cultivating healthy conversational dynamics with all the groups she serves. The transformational skills & strategic tools that she brings as part of her extensive professional background allow her clients to experience extraordinary growth. Juliana is originally from Bogota, Colombia and now lives in Ohio, USA with her husband and chihuahua. She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

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