"Laura is my go-to executive and personal coach. I learned that she has a knack for helping her clients get quickly to the-heart –of-the-matter—this is where healing, learning and transformation occur. She is insightful, warm-hearted, gentle, and powerful."

I asked Laura to coach me after a thought-provoking conversation with her about self-care. For decades, I had struggled with my self-care, believing that these struggles were the price that I paid for my success and ambition. My struggles were revealed in being overweight, experiencing long periods of fatigue, and recurrent episodes of burnout. But Laura talked about self-care in a way that I had never heard before. It was fresh, holistic, and compelling. She asked me about the commitments that I made to myself and about my cares and values. I was surprised that I did not have hesitations about Laura’s competence or her ability for deep human connection.

In six short months, I made two big breakthroughs. First, I was able to release a life-long unhealthy mindset about the need for rest and develop, commit to my own program of self-care practices. These practices that are based on a healthier and more powerful understanding what I cared about my physical body. The result is that I have more and longer periods of radiant and vibrant energy and yes less reliance on sugar foods to manage my energy.
My second breakthrough was in the area of a significant other. She helped me overcome reticence and resignation that I had about meeting a compatible partner. More importantly, she helped me to define my cares as it relates to finding a life partner.

- Kaytura Felix, MD