"Before coaching, I was accustomed to showing up in the world with fear and anxiety, and I felt continually frustrated and stifled in my creative potential; after working with Laura, I feel like I can breathe easy, because I am equipped with all of the right tools to help me overcome insecurities and doubts."

I first started working with Laura at a pivotal moment in my career, when I could no longer afford to play it small. The value I received through coaching was life-changing from both a personal and professional standpoint.

Laura helped me build a strong foundation of self-confidence and self-compassion that has had a profound influence on my professional presence. Throughout the coaching process, Laura was continually compassionate, patient, and encouraging, even when I showed up in my most anxious state… I don’t know how she does it! There was laughter, there were tears, there were breakthroughs… Laura is a magician at what she does and she helped me remove so many of the roadblocks that were obstructing my view of reality.

After each coaching session with Laura, I walked away feeling lighter and calmer, with increased clarity and confidence, ready to take on the world. Perhaps my favorite part of coaching was learning how to identify my inner mentor and inner critic… it was incredibly impactful to be able to understand those facets of myself and the ways in which they might help or hinder me at any given moment.

Laura’s wisdom will stay with me for years to come; her coaching has already had a monumental impact on my success on a personal and professional level, and I know that these results will continue to have a compound interest over time. All that to say, I could not speak more highly of Laura as an Executive Coach.

- Taylor Lewis, Freelancer