"Something about Laura made me feel very comfortable and relaxed; she was so easy to talk to and offered calm, positive, supportive energy that I really needed."

It has truly been a remarkable and life changing experience working with Laura. When we first met, I had just completed an intense but very successful year where I was focused on building a new team, establishing processes and bringing new programs to the company. When I arrived to my initial meeting with Laura, I was ready to learn and become even better at my job. I was not prepared for what actually happened.

That experience really changed everything for me. Laura not only supported my development as a business leader, she helped me navigate through a very dark time in my personal life. I would not be in the position I am today (personally or professionally) without her support and guidance.

Laura has been instrumental in helping me be a calmer and more supportive leader, addressing how to show up as a better customer for my team. We worked on my energy, posture and breathing so that I was calmer and had less outward energy. She helped me find ways to be more collaborative with my co-workers and right away the feedback from my team and colleagues started to change. They said they noticed a real effort and difference in the way I was showing up at work. I stopped being so intense and let my real personality come through.

There are very few people that you in meet in life that offer so much to you and expect nothing in return, but that is Laura. I value her coaching and friendship. There are no words to express my gratitude for what Laura has done to help me and how committed and effective she is as a coach.

- Tracey Sivak, Senior Director