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"Working with Laura helped me to shift so much for myself...and also helped break through a few barriers I was having in approaching my creative work, and how I can focus more on the things that bring me joy within my career."

-RP, Producer
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"I can honestly say that Laura has been one of the most impactful people in my life, and that her influence continues to reflect itself in my daily life..."

-Nathalie Laporte, Executive Director
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"Laura helped me better understand what I was doing right, and she helped me figure out how to be the best version of myself."

-Prosanta Chakrabarty, Ph.D.
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"I highly recommend coaching with Laura because she provided insights and opportunities for growth that I could not have created on my own."

-Alana Martens, CFO
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"Through my coaching with Laura I was able to set accountability measures for my team which enabled me to become a better leader and create a team with a higher level of productivity and efficiency."

-Stacey Corbett, Manager
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"Laura built a level of trust immediately which allowed me to be open and honest..."

-Lenny Richer, Director
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"My relationships with senior management has improved drastically and they have confidence I am the right individual to lead. My peers and direct reports all have recognized and remarked on the improvement of my leadership skills since I started coaching."

-Marcus Ho, Manager
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"I had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Laura McCafferty between 2013 and 2016. As an executive coach, Laura was instrumental in helping me further develop my executive leadership skills."

-Gerri Cote, VP Operations
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"Laura is my go-to executive and personal coach. I learned that she has a knack for helping her clients get quickly to the-heart –of-the-matter—this is where healing, learning and transformation occur. She is insightful, warm-hearted, gentle, and powerful."

-Kaytura Felix, MD
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"During our 1:1 coaching, Laura and I have developed an extremely trusting, productive, and effective relationship. From the beginning, I found her observations and coaching to be insightful, unique, and more credible than most."

-Scott Jackson, Plant Manager
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