Managing Capacity & Overwhelm Workshop

The way we spend our time is a reflection of what we care about and the commitments we make.


This dynamic and interactive workshop addresses the common complaint of ‘not having enough time’ as well as the painful experience of being overwhelmed.

A main objective of this workshop is to help you understand the reasons for over-committing and consider the consequences of over-commitment. You will learn healthy and sustainable practices to reduce overwhelm by assessing and managing your capacity with greater skill.  You will apply powerful distinctions that assist you in taking decisive action, coordinating positively with others, clarifying cares and reducing breakdowns in team communication and in life.

You care about:

  • Learning new skills and developing awareness
  • Opening possibilities for working and living in ways that take better care of what you care about
  • Strengthening interpersonal team relationships and enhancing cooperation
  • Feeling more in control of your calendar and your time
  • Being free from the pressure of overwhelm

Our clients have:

  • Strengthened the trustworthiness of their commitments and promises
  • Improved their personal reputation and professional identity
  • Generated their desired outcomes with greater ease and skill
  • Released unhelpful habits and replaced ineffective behaviours with powerful actions and practices
  • Transformed the weight and burden of overwhelm into the creative energy of choice

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