Self-Trust Workshop

When we trust ourselves, we develop greater capacity to trust others.


Often, self-trust is a blind spot. It’s easier to think about whether or not we trust other people than it is to consider our own personal relationship with trust.  Lack of self-trust can be insidious and sneaky. It can undermine our confidence and dilute our purpose. Low self-trust leads to dissatisfaction in life and inauthentic self-leadership as it erodes our sense of safety, leaves us constantly doubting ourselves and dependent on others.

Most of us want to experience internal peace, healthy relationships, and be confident in our actions and decisions. Exploring the qualities, skills and distinctions of self-trust will open new possibilities for helping you take better care of what you care about.


This workshop is designed for intact teams, boards, networking groups and can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.



You care about:

  • Developing greater self-awareness for the sake of making more powerful choices in your life
  • Learning new practices for strengthening and sustaining self-trust
  • Deepening your connection and improving your relationship with yourself and others
  • Taking clear action for living a life that is satisfying, meaningful and purposeful
  • Building greater confidence, self-regard and esteem
  • Designing a powerful and conscious relationship with trust
  • Understanding why self-trust matters, what it is and how it impacts every domain of your life

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